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What is Parents as Teachers?


As a parent, you are your child’s first
and most important teacher. Your child
will learn more during the early years
than any other time in their life.

Mission: To provide the information, support and encouragement parents
need to help their children develop optimally during the crucial years of life.

Parents as Teachers is a voluntary and free program designed to assist all Oak GroveSchool District families with
children from the time of their birth until they enter Kindergarten.  Children whose parents were involved in PAT have been shown to be
significantly advanced over their peers in language, social development, problem solving and intellectual abilities.

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Parents as Teachers is a free early childhood program that
provides practical, effective support for all families and
their children from birth until their child enters kindergarten.

Personal visits (monthly, biweekly or weekly) are the major service delivery component. During these visits, parent educators share age-appropriate child development information with parents, help them learn to observe their own child, address their parenting concerns, and engage the family in activities that provide meaningful parent-child interaction.

Group meetings provide opportunities for parents to gain valuable information about parenting issues. These family activity meetings allow parents time to observe their children with other children, acquire developmental information and share age appropriate activities with their child.

Periodic developmental, health, vision and hearing screenings provide for early identification of developmental delays and health, problems. Regular review of each child’s developmental progress identifies strengths and abilities as well as areas of concern that require referral for follow-up services and increases parents’ understanding of their child’s development.

Parent educators help families identify and connect with needed resources and overcome barriers to accessing services. Parent educators take an active role in establishing ongoing collaborative relationships with other organizations that serve families.